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Colby Geiser is our Superintendent. Call him today at  561-376-3860  today or email at

Colby Geiser is our Superintendent. Call him today at 561-376-3860 today or email at

You might have guessed that we're a little different than your average pressure washing company. Our owners have diverse backgrounds in real-estate investing, property management and rehab, and professional interior and exterior painting. We believe you'll find our Company easy to do business with. And our work is always guaranteed. So what's the big deal about pressure washing?

Part of caring for residential and commercial real estate is keeping it looking great. Cleaning and restoring surfaces is an important step in the process. Well-maintained property, both inside and out, retains and many times increases its value at a faster pace than property that's not. PowerWash Pro will have your home, driveway, deck or parking lot looking shiny and new again! Check out Our Work above. 


Our Work.
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Dirty House? Clean It Up!

With the exception of routine maintenance and repair, power washing is the single best (and least expensive) way to keep your home looking sharp. PowerWash Pro expertly cleans all types of exterior, home surfaces.

The vast majority of homes in Central Illinois have some variation (color, texture) of vinyl siding. Fortunately, this type of material is typically the easiest to clean. In popularity, aluminum and steel siding come next. Particular attention must be given to the age and condition of this type of material due to the potential for thinning paint and oxidized spots, as these could indicate weak or worn paint. Last, but certainly not least, wood siding is still somewhat common. If not property cared for, it can have a high concentration of dark, black mold causing the siding to appear darker than normal and uneven in certain areas. When cleaning, special care is taken not to harm paint or leave siding with an uneven look.

The process of cleaning the exterior of your home begins with a biodegradable, detergent presoak. This specific type of detergent is used to protect shrubs and plants from overspray. It's also safe for the environment. Next, the surface of your home is pressure washed and hand-scrubbed, using extension poles if necessary to reach upper floors. The exterior is then rinsed with hot water (180 degrees F) at 1,650-2,500 psi. If needed, a second round of hand-scrubbing is used to remove trouble spots. A spot free rinse is also available upon request.

A similar process is used if a homeowner plans to paint the exterior of their home. The surface is cleaned with a biodegradable detergent to remove surface contaminants including dirt, mold, mildew, bird droppings, and other pollutants. If loose/peeling paint and oxidation is present, it's removed with TSP, along with a revolving pressure washer tip, and hot water at 3,000-3,500 psi.

A Sharper Image For Your Business.

Let's face it. We prefer doing business with companies who present a clean and professional image. The opposite is also true. Whether you manage property, own or invest in property, or lease property, your business is highly visible. As such, it's critical to maintain a top-notch appearance. Prospective clients, customers, and even business associates make assumptions about your business based on its how it looks. If the exterior of your property is dirty and unkempt, they'll likely wonder what else is neglected in your operation?

The phrase, â€œCleanliness is next to Godliness" holds a special meaning for us. You want customers, potential clients, employees, and anyone else associated with your business to be a proud partner. This begins with first impressions. Maintaining a neat, exterior appearance is a cost effective and impactful approach to consider.

Hire the professionals at PowerWash Pro to clean your facility properly. Complete a commercial Estimate Request today.

Cost Benefit.

Power washing, like many other trades, is a service that's more cost effective to outsource. Here are some reasons why... 

To be sure, the initial cost of renting pressure washing equipment may be lower than calling a professional. However, you'll also need to account for the following: (1) the time and expense of transporting the machine to and from your facility; (2) the time and expense needed to learn how to properly use the equipment; and (3) the opportunity cost of your employee while s/he is away from their normal responsibilities. And, of course, there's no guarantee it'll be done the right way! 

If your staff has never handled pressure washing equipment, the (un)lucky employee could end up hurting themselves, hurting someone else, or doing damage to your building or the equipment. Focus on what you do best and let the Pro's take care of this one.

Heavy Duty

Efficient and effective power washing is a blend of knowledge, high-end equipment, cleaning agents, and water, used in various combinations.

Our trucks are equipped with two (2) five hundred (500) gallon tanks, so we can provide our own water source when needed. Having the option of bringing the water to you avoids disruption to your business as opposed to using your water (and your water pressure). Our equipment also heats the water when necessary. Hot water provides us the ability to steam clean surfaces. It's far more effective to remove heavy dirt, grease, tar, and other surface contaminants with hot water versus a unit that only supplies cold. 

The detergents we use not only deliver the desired results, but are also environmentally friendly. The proper soaps, detergents, and light chemicals significantly boost our cleaning abilities, yet aren't readily available to the general public. If improperly used, damage to the cleaning surface, the equipment, the surrounding vegetation, or even injury to the operator could result. Incorrect handling of these types of chemicals could also put your business in violation of the Federal Clean Water Act.
In addition to using the most effective detergents, our machines produce a tremendous amount of pressure or pounds per square inch (PSI), ranging from 4,000 to 7,000 PSI. For reference, a typical consumer unit would generate up to 1,900 PSI. This level of output works fine for cobwebs, light mildew, and light to medium surface contaminants, but wouldn't be effective in a commercial setting against tar, grease, and excessive mold or dirt. 


Our Customers

  • Colby contacted me when I was searching online for someone to paint my garage. They gave me an estimate and I fet it was very affodable for the work that was going to be done. The workers came and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend this company.
    — Kay
  • I used ColbyCo Painting to paint the interior of my house before I listed it. I had several offers within 6 days and I ascribe that success to how nice the inside of the home looked because of their work. They were timely and reasonable priced so I recommend them to anyone looking to have work done on their home.
    — Chase
  • Very professional. They did an awesome job...went above and beyond.
    — Michael
  • Professional, on time, and nice. They were also very flexible. Shawn and Billy were great to work with. Colby and I are working on my 3rd project.... Highly recommend.
    — Rae

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